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Dr. Mohanad Abdelmagid

A&E Specialty Doctor
Birmingham City Hospital

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My Story

Dr Abdelmagid is an emergency medicine registrar and CESR trainee at Birmingham city hospital. Also, he is a senior academic tutor for year three medical students at Aston University. Authors of several articles in the new Issa Moussa FRCEM books and eLearning. He graduated from the International University of Africa in Sudan; then had trained and worked as an emergency physician in Saudi Arabia from 2012 to 2019. In 2019 he became a member of the royal college of emergency medicine, then he was moved to the UK, looking for an extensive training opportunity in emergency medicine.
Husband of great lady, Dr Asmaa, and father of 2 little kids.


The list of articles as author:  

  1. Botulism

  2. BRUE

  3. Cauda Equina Syndrome

  4. Cholangitis

  5. Cholecystitis

  6. Dental Abscess

  7. DIC

  8. DVT

  9. Epiglottitis

  10. Febrile Convulsion

  11. Influenza

  12. ITP

  13. Kawasaki Disease

  14. Lower GI bleeding

  15. Nasal Fracture

  16. Otitis externa

  17. Otitis Media

  18. Pharyngitis

  19. Post- Tonsillectomy bleeding

  20. Pyloric Stenosis

  21. Torticollis

  22. Vestibular Neuritis

The list of articles as Deputy Editor:

  1. Addisonian crisis

  2. Appendicitis


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