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SLO6 - Procedural Skills in Emergency Medicine

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The field of emergency medicine is constantly evolving; similarly, competency and skills provision is expanding too. Furthermore, each generation of emergency physicians will require additional knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of their training era. Thus, acquiring sufficient skills has become an increasingly important concept in any apprenticeship in emergency medicine. With the rise of technology and the plenitude of ultrasound machines in many emergency departments, point of care ultrasound (POCUS) has evolved as "the skill to acquire" by any emergency physician. If performed correctly, POCUS offers substantial advantages in procedures' preciseness and reduces several complications. Therefore, it is necessary to attain a certain level of dexterity to perform ultrasound correctly and prevent patient complications. RCEM has published a comprehensive list of skills that an ED physician should comprehend. Furthermore, ED clinicians must be familiar with every procedure's indications, contraindications, landmarks, and potential complications. In addition to providing a detailed understanding of emergency procedures, this textbook is a perfect resource for medical students and emergency clinicians. In this book, Emergency physicians will encounter a wealth of information about established and emerging procedural and ultrasound skills issues.

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